Birmingham Rocket  Boys

Bylaws (Revised – April 15, 2011)


The Birmingham Rocket Boys, hereafter  referred  to as Rocket Boys, is a non-profit organization comprised of children and adults  who enjoy the hobby  of model  rocketry and who wish to learn and excel in the sport.


The name of this organization shall be the Birmingham Rocket Boys.


The objectives of the Birmingham Rocket Boys are:

(a) To introduce area youth  to the exciting and rewarding hobby  of model rocketry.

(b) To teach  youth  members how to build model  rockets and to safely launch and successfully recover  them.

(c) To provide an outlet  for adult members who have an interest in building and flying rockets  to showcase their talents  and to maximize their skills.

(d) To provide  an avenue  where both youth and adult members may have the opportunity to learn the science, math  and physics associated with building, launching and recovering of model rockets.

(e) To thoughtfully generate activities that will promote model  rocketry, unity and cooperation among  members and the community.

(f) To create an atmosphere where all members can have fellowship and fun in a safe environment and enjoy the exciting and rewarding hobby  of model  rocketry.


Section  1: Eligibility

All persons  shall be eligible for membership and shall agree to abide by the Rocket  Boys’ club bylaws.

Youth membership – under 12 years old. No dues required.  However, Youth  members must respond annually at dues collection time that they still want  to be part  of the club.

Junior  Member – 12 to 18 years old, who is currently paid up on dues. Senior Member  – Over 18, who is currently  paid up on dues.Family  members – A family that is currently paid up on dues.

Life members – Individuals given a lifetime  membership (Lifetime membership to be approved by at least 3/4 of the BRB board).

Honorary  members – Honoring  a person who is not a member  as defined above.

Voting  eligibility –  Members who are age 16 or older are eligible  to vote. Honorary  members are not eligible.

Section 2 : Exclusion

Dismissal from membership and procedure: Any member or officer may be summarily dismissed from the Birmingham Rocket Boys Club by request of any member in good standing, by a simple majority vote of the vote eligible membership. Procedure as follows: The officer or member bringing an official request/recommendation to summarily dismiss another member shall make such a request to the president or any current member of the BRB Board in writing, outlining all reasons for the request. Upon receipt of the request the president shall convene a closed door meeting of the full board within 3 days, using any convenient venue to consider reason(s) for dismissal. After the board has discussed all issues, the board shall vote yes or no to bring the written request  before the full vote eligible membership. The officers vote will be decided by a simple majority. In case of a tie the request will automatically go to the full membership for discussion and a vote. The Board vote does not count in the official vote of the full membership. If the issue(s) is to go to the membership for discussion and a vote, the president shall notify the entire vote eligible membership via electronic and/or postal mail means and the person whose membership is in jeopardy will be given a fair opportunity to defend himself/herself, over a 7 day period. At the end of the 7 day period voting will begin with the voting period lasting for 7 days, a total of 14 days. The official vote on such matters, by all vote eligible members, including officers, will be determined by a simple majority.  Reconciliation: Any member that has been summarily dismissed may submit a written request to be re-instated to membership after a period of 1 year, via written request to the BRB Board for consideration and a vote of the officers. The request for re-instatement will be discussed and voted on by the BRB Board within 7 days of receiving the request. The officers may use any means to discuss and vote on re-instatement. If a simple majority of the officers vote to re-instate, membership may be resumed as soon as membership dues are paid in full.


Section 1: Officers

The officers  of the Rocket  Boy ’s shall consist  of a President, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer and Advisor.  The five officer positions  will make up the BRB Board.

The positions  of Secretary and Treasurer may be combined, held by one person who has one BRB Board vote. In that case, a “Member  at Large” can be elected  to be the 5th person  to take part in the BRB Board.

Section  2: Elections

The officers  of the Rocket  Boys shall be elected  from and by vote-eligible members who are in attendance (no proxy votes).Candidates will be nominated during  the first regular  meeting  in January. After  being  elected by a majority vote,  officers shall  serve  for a term  of one year.

Section  3: Vacancies

Any officer vacancies which may occur shall be filled by a nomination and two-thirds vote at a regular or special meeting.



The president  shall preside  over the regular Rocket Boy ’s Club meetings and shall act as spokesperson in all matters  pertaining to the club.


The vice-president shall act for the president when he or she is unable  to serve and shall serve as a secondary contact  to all of the functions mentioned under  president.


The secretary shall record  minutes  of each club meeting  and handle  all correspondence pertaining to club ’s activities. The secretary shall be responsible for maintaining the membership list as well as the mailing  list, and other duties as assigned.


The treasurer  shall collect all moneys due and shall keep a record  of moneys  disbursed by the club. He shall be responsible for maintaining the records  of the Rocket  Boy ’s bank account  and provide  a statement of account at the end of the year. The Treasurer shall also make  monthly reports  available to the club officers, preferably before each club meeting.

The offices  of Secretary and Treasurer may be held by one person.  In that case, the person  only has one vote, not two.


The Rocket Boy’s advisor  shall keep club members abreast  of all matters of importance in regards to model  rocketry such as:1. city, state  and national model  rocketry events2. model  rocketry educational programs3. model  rocketry community outreach opportunities4. club equipment and purchases5. membership recruitment6. club launch  site locations7. current FAA,NAR regulations

Member  at Large:

During  the occasions when the offices  of Secretary and Treasurer are held by one person,  the fifth person on the BRB board will be a “Member at Large”  . The Member at Large’s  duties  will be to participate in club leadership, help fellow  officers, and take part in helping with club activities.
The BRB Officers  shall operate  as a Board of Directors  in the routine running  the club. The BRB Board shall communicate frequently with each other on pending  club business and vote as-needed on approval of routine matters and expenditures after adequate discussion of the issues (Approval requiring at least  three  of the five officers for the issue  to pass). Votes  on major  expenditures and major  commitments of the club shall not be made by the BRB Board alone, but made at a club meeting where vote-eligible members can participate.


The annual  dues to be paid to the club will be set, as necessary, by theBRB Officers.[The existing  by-laws  specify  the exact due fees. The above   change  is needed to prevent having  to go thru an official  by-laws change  process every time the dues need to be changed.].

Dues and finances  shall serve to provide  the necessary funds for club equipment and expenses. Dues are for a membership of one year. Dues to be collected  annually.


Committees may be formed  as deemed  necessary to perform  a special function. Each committee shall be headed  by a chairman who reports  to the Rocket  Boy’s president.


Regular  club meetings shall be held at least four times a year: January,  April, July, and October.Additional meetings may be called for by the BRB officers  when such additional meetings  seem warranted. Time and place for each meeting  is to be specified early in advance to give  all members an opportunity to attend.  Meetings shall be conducted with proper  decorum.  Launches are not eligible  to serve  as official  meeting locations.


At meetings, at least 3 BRB officers and 2 vote-eligible members must be in attendance to conduct official binding club business.


Amendments may be proposed by any vote-eligible member who has two other vote-eligible members who support the amendments introduction. The amendment will be put up for a 5 day commentary period by the membership for review by BRB member’s email list or at a regular club meeting, as determined by the Board. After the review and commentary period, the amendment may undergo changes to reflect the input. If there have been significant changes to the amendment, it should undergo another 5 day review/comment period. After the process of review and possible changes have been completed, the proposed amendment will be eligible to be voted on by way of the BRB member’s email list or at the next regular club meeting, as determined by the Board. If an amendment is to be voted on at a regular club meeting there must be a minimum of 5 vote eligible members at the meeting, who include at least three BRB officers. Amendments will be decided by a simple majority vote.


In the case of disagreement over the intent  of the By-Laws, the 5 member BRB Board  will vote to determine the interpretation to be used. In this case, the BRB Board may discuss the issues by any means and after a 5 day discussion period may call a vote among  the BRB board to decide  the interpretation. Each  interpretation, what it is supposed to cover and what it is not supposed to cover,   must be defined properly so that it can be voted  on. The interpretation vote may be done electronically, via phone,  and/or  in person, to accommodate the wholeBRB board voting and deciding the issue, it does not have to be done at a meeting.

In the case that there  are more  than two possible interpretations, the two interpretations with the most  votes  will be used  for a run-off vote.  In the case that the BRB board  voting  is unable  to determine an interpretation then the vote-eligible members will be allowed to vote on aninterpretation at a club meeting. Majority vote determines the outcomeof the interpretation,


The Birmingham Rocket Boys shall be chartered by the National Association of Rocketry. The provisions of this charter  requires the safe operation of all rocketry related activities by all members.


The NAR safety code is to be followed for all launches involving model rockets and HPR rockets, period. No Alcoholic beverages are allowed at launches. Persons whose judgment seems to be impaired for any reason will be asked to leave the field. Persons who are disruptive to the launch will be asked to leave the field.